May 2022

Why should I do a boudoir session?

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There are so many reasons NOT to do a boudoir session. But all you need is ONE reason to give it a try!

1. I need to lose weight OR I'm just not that confident with myself.
Girl, you are gorgeous JUST the way you are. We are all about female empowerment and body love here at Silhouette Boudoir. But I get it! Not feeling 100% confident with taking your clothes off in front of a stranger (hell, even 30% confident!), is COMPLETELY normal. Before I ever shot a boudoir session, I did one myself, just to put myself into my clients' shoes. And it was a tremendous help in helping me reassure the ladies I work with. You'll rarely find a woman who is in love with every part of her body. However, I know how to find your most flattering angles and the best poses for YOU and YOUR body. On top of that, you'll spend time getting your hair and makeup done, which does wonders in amping up the confidence level. You'll see how gorgeous you really are, and that's before the session even starts!

2. I don't know how to pose.
You don't have to, because I do! I've been behind the camera for over 15 years, and learning how to make each person of every shape and size look fabulous is something I've been working on for awhile. Sometimes people think that we are just going to toss you in the studio and say "okay, do something!" but rest assured, I'll be with you every step of the way, shifting and moving and even showing you exactly how to do a pose before I start shooting, and that's all while cheering you on. All you have to do is be there!

3. I have nothing to wear!
Isn't this the perfect reason to go shopping? Before your session, I'll send you my Welcome Guide that helps you with ideas on what to wear, including some ideas on where to shop. I'm also only a phone call/email/text message away if you are looking for some assistance with wardrobe ideas. If that's not enough, I also have a select number of items in my client closet that you can try on to make your session absolutely perfect!

4. Boudoir is expensive.
Being able to bring an all-inclusive and AMAZING experience to women isn't cheap, but let me assure you... YOU. ARE. WORTH IT. I've spent years honing my craft and learning new techniques to make sure I can make everyone's experience--YOUR experience--the very best it can be. And while it isn't cheap, it is a wonderful investment in how you feel, in your personal confidence level, and in yourself. And I also do payment plans!

5. I wouldn't want to look TOO sexy/I don't see myself as sexy/boudoir is just a bit too "porno" for me.
Everyone's comfort level is different. And sexy is totally in the eye of the beholder. My goal for every session is to create beautiful images that are also artistic and classy, never too over the top! Before each session, I ask ladies what their comfort level is and I encourage all my clients to choose one outfit that 1.) they are comfortable in 2.) that makes them feel sexy and 3.) is a little bit past their usual comfort zone. And remember, you don't have to wear lingerie to meet any of these criteria! No matter what, we will never do more than you want to for your session. After all, this session is YOUR experience and I want it to be as amazing as possible for you!

I hope that I've helped in clearing up some of the biggest misconceptions about boudoir! It truly is an awesome artform and I can't wait to see YOU in the studio soon!

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