Where will my shoot take place?
Your shoot will take place in my studio at 1101 Godfrey Ave SW in Grand Rapids, Michigan, unless you are attending a special boudoir event, in which case you will already be informed of the specific location.

Is hair and make-up included in my shoot?
Yes, all sessions will include hair and make-up, to be sure to give you the all-inclusive experience of our boudoir photography.

May I bring a friend along?
You are welcome to bring someone, but be sure it’s someone who you are completely comfortable with seeing you at your sexiest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my photos be retouched?
Each edited image will have a level of retouching if needed, mostly skin smoothing and cropping for the perfect framing. However we do not do extensive body reshaping and blemish removal must be specifically mentioned ahead of time.

How long will it take for me to see my photos?
Two to three weeks is the normal editing time for images to be available to view. We
suggest an in-person viewing to choose your images for your album. The reveal will be amazing!

Will my photos be published online?
Only images that are approved by the model will be released anywhere. Of course, we LOVE to share the beautiful images of you from our session, but we never use them for blog, website or other advertising without your permission ahead of time.

What do I wear to my boudoir session?
We always suggest each client brings something of their own to their session. Sizing and coverage preferences are always great when you've had a chance to try on your outfits ahead of time. However, we have a growing client closet with various options and we are adding new pieces to it all the time!

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