June 2022

Boudoir 101

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What are the MOST important things to know before you do your session? Let me help you with some awesome insights!

When you book your session:
1. Get excited!
This is going to be SO much fun! You get to be pampered AND learn to appreciate yourself all in one sitting? Sign us up! 
2. Ask questions.
I'm always happy to answer any questions you have about your session! I'm an open book. Email is the best way to reach me, but I'm more than happy to chat on the phone or even meet up in person to go over all the nitty-gritty details!
3. Be prepared.
It's a great idea to look into your photographer's repertoire of images and let her know about a few images you like, and maybe even a few you don't like. I also send out a questionnaire to my clients when they book, trying to get an idea of how you want your session to go, including areas you'd like to highlight or downplay, as well as if you are willing to be more risque or would prefer to stay more on the conservative side. 

The week before your session:
It's pretty well known that you should be drinking lots of water anyway, but it's a VERY good idea to do so the week before your session. It'll keep your skin looking it's best. Dab on some lotion as needed too!
2. Big ticket items
Make sure if you plan to get your hair colored or highlighted that you do it with some time to spare before your session. This goes for spray tans and waxing too. You don't want any blotches or irritation showing in your photos. Yes, I can edit it out, but it's a good idea to try to prevent any issues before they happen if possible.
3. Stay out of the sun
Tan lines are the bane of all boudoir photographers' existences! Again, we can edit, but it's harder than you think! Try to make sure you keep the sunscreen handy and try to avoid too much exposure to our favorite star leading up to your session.

The day before and the day of:
1. Get some rest. 
Everyone gets a bit nervous, but you'll be glad you gave yourself a little relaxation before your session. And I'll be putting you in a lot of odd positions, so your body will appreciate the rest!
2. Eat!
While you never want to go crazy, make sure you at least have a meal before your session, staying away from anything that you know will make you bloaty. Greasy foods might be a good idea to forgo until after your session as well.
3. Get clean.
Make sure you arrive for your hair and makeup with clean and dry hair, as well as a clean face. You'll be ready to get started right away that way!
4. Have fun!
Even if you are nervous, I promise you'll love this! Boudoir is one of my favorite things to photograph, and I'm sure you'll know that by the time your session is done. I can't wait to make some MAGIC with you in the studio!!!

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