Our natural light studio is over 1500 square feet of goodness! Exposed brick, warehouse style with class flair, it's an absolutely beautiful space that we've been using for over 5 years now!
It's not always easy to find the studio, but we can help!
1. First of all, set your GPS to 1101 Godfrey Ave SW, Grand Rapids. This will get you to the right area, at least!
2. You’ll want to get to the intersection of Godfrey Ave and Hall Street. The tallest building is the one you want. Four story, red brick
3. Go behind this building via Hall Street. Park there! It's dirt and looks like a warehouse. That's a sign you are in the right place. 
4. You’ll go to the entrance between the four loading docks. There is a sign that says West End above the door (my studio space is called West End).
5. First stairway you find (on the left!), go to the fourth floor and follow the signs to West End... all the way down to the end of that hallway and to the right!

We want to see you in the studio!

we will be in touch soon

thank you

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